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Sunset over the Onlanden on a stormy early autumn evening

Although end of August, the end of the summer, is only nearing, the Dutch weather this week looks more like autumn as we see it in September and October with temperatures far below long time […]

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Gasterse Duinen: flowering heather of the moorlands near Gasteren

August is the time of flowering heather. Though usually more towards the end of the month, the year 2014 sees this spectacle of purple colors already. This phenomenon, of course, forms a real challenge for […]

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Farmland of the Johannes Kerkhoven polder

Previous weekend, I visited the Johannes Kerkhoven Polder near Termunten and Termuntenzijl to catch the sunset over a decorum of farmland. The Johannes Kerkhoven Polder is located in the far East part of the province […]

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