Drentsche Aa river

Recently, I was searching for new locations for landscape photography and in doing so I came to explore the possibilities alongside the river The Drentsche Aa. The Drentsche Aa is a small river, actually more a brook that meanders through the landscape of the province of Drenthe and that merges into the Noord-Willems canal just south of the city of Groningen. I discovered several interesting locations and the photos shown below where taken at one of these near the village of Loon around sunset. The weather was that exciting but I found the photos interesting enough to show them in this blog. I hope you all enjoy them.

Meandering water ofthe Drentsche AaDrentsche AaDrentsche Aa

Exposure conditions:
photo 1: 24 mm; ISO 200; f/14; 59 sec; big stopper ND 10 stops Lee; tripod; cable release
photo 2 and 3: 24 mm; ISO 100; f/16; 25 sec; 0.9 ND SG Lee; tripod; cable release


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  1. Rutger Bus december 16, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    Rijko, mooie foto’s van een dito locatie.
    Vooral de foto gemaakt met de Big Stopper is erg interessant qua compositie en uitvoering. Zou ook wel graag zo’n Big Stopper in mijn collectie hebben willen zitten om eens mee te experimenteren.



    • Rijko december 16, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

      Rutger, bedankt voor je commentaar. De Big Stopper is inderdaad een aanrader. Voor mij werkt hij het best bij omzettingen naar z/w.


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