New York City blog part 1: China Town

Street Viw in China Town, New York CityReading in front of a hair salon, China Town New York CityMen sitting, talking and debating in Sara D Roosevelt Park, China Town New York CityExercising in Sara D Roosevelt Park, China Town New York CityPlaying checkers in China Town, New york CityFather and son playing basketball, China Town New York CityBuying at a grocery store in China Town, New York City

Recently, a longtime dream was fulfilled when I visited New York City. In total, I was in New York for one week, a period to really see most of the cities highlights. The coming period, I will publish a series of reports on my visit to the city that never sleeps in this blog. The first in this series will be on my visit to China Town.

China Town is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan and is home to the largest enclave of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. Walking through China Town gave me the impression to be in China itself, like being back in the city of Chengdu that I visited in 2012.

Everywhere are Chinese signs, on the frontage of buildings, in the shopping windows. Everywhere you see people or Oriental origin, and hear people speak Chinese language. Small shops with food, vegetables, fruit and herbs are lined through the streets. In the Sara D Roosevelt Park were people doing physical exercises, games like checkers and basketball, or men just sitting talking or debating. All this reminded me of People’s Park in Chengdu.

There were, of course, a lot of Western tourists as well!

I tried to capture the nature of this very intimate neighborhood in the series of photo’s shown in the gallery above.


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