New York City Blog part 2: Brooklyn and the bridges towards Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge with a view to BrooklynBrooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan Skyline Manhattan Bridge seen from Washington Street, BrooklynManhattan and the East River seen from Brooklyn Bridge ParkBrooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline seen from Brooklyn Bridge Park

New York offers many interesting locations and views for any visiting photographer. Searching on the internet for photos, you will find an unmatched source of inspiration and ideas. A setback is that every interesting spot has been photographed already extensively, and all you can do is copying the work of others, it seems. However, I went to New York and aimed to try to make my own interpretation of these well-known locations and views. I tried to achieve this by searching for unique points of views, combined with a personal post-editing workflow.

One of these locations and views are the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, as well as the skyline of Manhattan. I hope that the photos in the gallery above show my way of working has been successful. For post-editing, I made conversions to black&white using Silver Efex Pro of Google Nik Colection as plugin in Photoshop. Changing the blend mode and desaturation, provided images with only slight coloration. All your comments are more than welcome!


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