Extinction Rebellion protest Groningen, Netherlands

Extinction Rebellion organized a protest in Groningen at ING bank office location last Friday, December 29, 2023. The ING bank is targeted by Extinction Rebellion because the bank is allegedly the major investor in the fossil industry. Extinction Rebellion demands an immediate stop of and beak away from all investments in the fossil industry by the bank. The bank’s shopping windows were smeared with glue to paste posters explaining the protesters message.

A group of about 100 protesters arrived in a march at approximately 10pm at the bank office that is located at the Hereplein, nearby the center of the city of Groningen. The protest was announced and police had stopped traffic, that was already limited because of the Christmas holidays. Extinction Rebellion had assured the police that they had no intend to block all traffic around the square, an ambition that would have been quite grotesque considering the only 100 people that showed up to participate.

The protest lasted for about 1h. After a speech from the leader of the pack and the singing of several songs, the pack broke up for a march through the city to their message heard by a wider audience.

There were no incidents with the police, and the protest proceeded peacefully till the end.

The ING bank had anticipated and closed the office due to unforeseen circumstances.

Extinction Rebellion is a world-wide climate protest group with many nationally organized divisions. In the Netherlands, nationally organized actions like blockades of major motorways attract many more participants, and these events attract attention on national television as well.

Rijko Ebens

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