Blood moon: the lunar eclipse

Last Friday evening was the blood moon lunar eclipse. I planned to visit a dilapidated barn that I knew somewhere in the province of Groningen, near Meedhuizen a small village south of Delfzijl. From the Photographer’s Ephemeris tool, I learnt that the rising blood moon would be in a nice composition with this barn. So I went out on this evening after an extremely hot summer day with a maximum temperature of well 35 degrees Celcius. The moon would rise at 21:28, shortly before sunset at 21:36. At that moment, temperatures were still around 25-26 degrees Celsius. At first after supposed moon rise, the moon was invisible and only after some 40 minutes the moon gradually became visible as a pale reddish circle above the horizon. Due to hazy atmospheric conditions, the lunar eclipse never became the spectacular blood moon that was indicated. Nevertheless, the blood moon eclipse was very nice to witness. My goal was to photograph the lunar eclipse in a landscape composition; this is why I choose the location with the dilapidated barn using my 24-70 mm lens, and not to make a close-up with a telelens. My results are in the gallery below.


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