Cuervo, a ghost town in New Mexico, USA

Ghost towns are a real phenomenon in USA. Especially when traveling in the states of the south-western you’ll encounter many former towns with mining and gold rush histories. This year, I visited the ghost town of Cuervo in New Mexico. The city was founded in 1901 when a rail road was established. The city started to grow in 1910 because of cattle ranching. The number of inhabitants peaked at about 300 in the 1940’s when route 66 passed through town. Decline started when the I-40 split the town in half during late 70’s or early 80’s. The photos’ shown in the gallery are from the part of Cuervo located south to I-40. The north part still has a car repair station and a few houses. The part on the south side in completely abandoned and houses are empty and in far-reaching degree of deterioration and dilapidation.


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