De Ploeg inspirations

De Ploeg was a collective of a group of artists  that was founded early last century (1918) in the Netherlands. Especially in the northern province of Groningen saw an intense activity of equally inspired painters, musicians and writers that wanted to drive away from more traditional styles to more avant-garde expressions. The Museum of Groningen hosted an extensive exhibition devoted to this group of artists to celebrate the centennial.  The characteristic provincial landscapes around the city of Groningen formed a great inspiration for paintings and drawings of members of the group. After attending the exhibition, I visited several locations that most likely served as inspiration for these paintings.  Being a photographer, I decided  to use these locations as an inspiration to create my version and to come as close as possible to the original painting. At the museum, a guide with descriptions of the locations of a number of paintings was available. Several locations were easy to identify (e.g. a church in small village) but for many other paintings only an assumption of a likely location could be made.

The first photo displays the Church of the small village of Oostum, located north of the city of Groningen. Looking at the original painting, an image is available at Churches of Groningen. I tried to take a position as close as possible to the perspective that the Johan Dijkstra must have had, though this was not entirely possible due to some fences that now prevent stepping down in the grasslands. The second photo was made on a location shortly outside Groningen, though the exact location is not known. An image of the painting by Jan Wiegers can be found at Art Salon Holland. Characteristic of the painting is top placing of the horizon and the vertical. I tried to mimic this in my photo. I made this photo in early November and there was of course no snow, so I creatively edited it into the image in Photoshop.


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